dope cat

by lillythehtcat

dt rushes down and says..

i have an assignment for you..

a what..

an assignment..a mission..

im listening..

i want you to sneak into the building..

whoa..wa..whoa..whoa..whoa..last time i was in that building i came out fixed.. you dont have to worry about that..

why would i ever want to go into the bowels of wonderland..remember alice fell into the rabbit hole..she didnt dive into it head first ..why do i need to go into wonderland..

we need a dope cat..

thats gnawing your leg off..

no wait..we need someone with a keen sense of smell to go in and sniff out know like the police dogs do..

you know how i feel about dogs and what makes you think i know what dope smells like..i mean..i could sniff out dumb bunny..but whats with the dope..

well i overheard some residents saying that whoever made the new parking assignments must be smoking dope..


you smoke it..really…and why do we think whoever did this is smoking dope..

because the parking assignments violate the parking policy..the policy that took an entire year to get enacted..they had to beat up wonderlands attorney to get this..coerced votes..the non-meeting meeting.. and then they turned around and willy nilly assigned parking spots violating their own policy..

why dont i just go sniff for dumb will probably serve the same purpose..