the blank proxy

by lillythehtcat

dt is giving me a hard time about my chicken tirade..says..

you dont understand the plan little buddy..

i understand i will be completely surrounded by no chicken next week..

listen..we dont call this bunch controllers for nothing..

theyre controlling my annual chicken dinner..

cat chk

heres the deal..they want to vote in their 1984 rules and their slate of board members..keep control..but they are afraid that there may be opposition..


they are having the meeting at an inconvenient location..


have to drive or get a ride..

yep..and no dinner or most of the older folks will say..screw it heres my proxy im not going through all that trouble..

especially if theres no chicken..

and the proxys are the holders can vote on anything they want..

is this legal..

dont know..but when has legal ever bothered the controllers..

sooo..the fix is in..

has been for a long time..

i hope the new board will be as much fun as this one..

you are one sick puppy..

cat you