no chicken…crap

by lillythehtcat

mr chicken

deep throat waltzed down said..

youre going to love this one..

what now..

the annual meeting…

oh week..6 more days..i cant wait..i love dinner shows..the board buys fried chicken..

bkt chk

everyone brings a dish..i get fed morsels and clean up on all the spilled goodies..not to mention a late night dumpster the drama of an election..hear about how you all saved money with funny dimlit light bulbs while pissing money away on pillow fluffers and lawyers investigating the blog..and..

hold on sylvester.. i have bad news..the meeting isnt going to be at the pool..the board rented a hall..

what..what about the chicken..the food..the pool…nooooooooo..

just a socializing..just vote on the controllers agenda..shut up..and go home..

whats wrong with these people..first they cant properly call a special meeting..they are about to get their butts sued and now they cant even pop for a bucket of chicken..what on gods green earth do these people think about..

getting even..

besides that..


well heres to the most transparent board ever and the great healer..

as john turturro said in the big lebowski..laughable…

no chicken my furry ass..