all in wonderland

by lillythehtcat

deep throat diddy bopped down said..

more news on the political front..

board tell..

rumor has it polyanna is running..

the bubbler..


you know..ol…

whoa..remember the attorney..

you mean the waffler..

i mean all of them that have investigated you..

do you know there have been more meetings about us and our blog than real condo business..

they are trying to ferret you out..

ferrets..oh god i love ferrets..they are like the filet mignon of rodents..

you are disgusting..

lets get back to wonderlands political front..mister picky eater..

well right now i think we are looking at candidates polyanna and buster..

meat head and archie bunker..

Archie Bunker: No intense offended there, but you know, your voice don’t, uh, insfire the same amount of trust there, as the dame that comes on after you, you know, the one that advertises the spray for assisting the feminine hyjinks.


youre right..this is going to be fun..

Mike Stivic: Hey it just occurred to me, Mickey Mouse is black.
Archie Bunker: Mickey Mouse ain’t got no race. He represents all men.
Mike Stivic: Oh, I guess that’s why Walt made him a mouse.

those two together in a board meeting..we have got to get them elected..

Archie Bunker: You don’t trust nobody out there except your own kind. You remember that, Meathead.
Mike Stivic: That’s another thing. Meathead. Why must you always call me Meathead?
Archie Bunker: What the hell… Why does that bother you? I’ll bet I wasn’t the first to call you ‘Meathead’.
Mike Stivic: You were the only one to ever call me Meathead. They never called me that in school. They called me Michael or Mike, or Mickey.
Archie Bunker: Well, what a sweet little school you went to there.

didnt poly get left at the alter last year..


stay tuned..the fun in wonderland is just beginning..

oh yeah..

11 days and counting.