here come da judge

by lillythehtcat


deep throat came down said…

well the controllers got their 1984 parking rules passed and you know what that means..




whats the matter with you..

this bunch will spend all the money on lawyers and legal smeegal crap and the parking deck wont get fixed..


its raining frickin concrete down there..its like living in a mine field..


yeah..just ask buster..

you are exaggerating..

about the concrete or spending all the money again..


can i at least get a hard-hat..

i thought they werent having the meeting..not everyone was notified properly..flagrante delicto..

red queennot notified properly

off with their heads

doesnt matter..the controllers do what they want..full speed ahead..

so there is going to be another wonderland lawsuit..for sure..

thats what i hear..for sure..the bagman already paid the lawyer..

the bagman paid the consigliere..


yep..we are toast…money will pour out of here like its going down a pool drain..

you know its odd..the controllers want to make all these new rules..

that discriminate against a few..

and they cant follow the few rules wonderland has..cant even call a proper meeting…

well..whose fault is that..certainly not ours.. hubris..