by lillythehtcat

deep throat waddles down says..

well..i hear the candidates for the board are firming up..

yep..and i heard its a sure thing buster is running..


yeah..you know wonderlands past board member who busted the bank..


are we talking about the pool again.

that too..ol buster took wonderlands bank account from a six figure balance to zero in less than a year..

i know a few ladies who…

hey hey dont forget who you are talking to here..

youre no lady..youre a cat..

of the female persuasion..

but do you really think wonderland will vote in buster..

oh yeah..heres how it works..the old ladies club has been collecting blank proxies for months..

blank..they dont know what they are giving their vote for..

thats right..in times past candidates would announce their desire to run for the board and you could give a proxy to vote for a particular person..now proxies are collected without the giver knowing who or what is being voted on..heres my proxy mildred..vote for whoever or whatever..i dont give a damn what happens to my home..i cant be bothered with going to meetings..they are so divisive..

and then..surprise..


you get buster..

and bitch about it for the next three years..

that doesnt seem right..

welcome to wonderland..

remember the last fee increase was because of buster..

talk about voting with your wallet..

we are going to have a lot of fun arent we..

oh yeah…