che lilly

by lillythehtcat

oooo…ooo..i hear dt comin down..hey deep throat come look at this..

now what red..

hey..the shoe polish is fading out..just like  the hair dye up in wonderland..i swear sometimes i cant tell who is who up there..especially when they get the wig on backwards..anyway..look at this news story..

Feeding Stray Cats In Radnor Could Leave You Responsible For Their Health

you know that law will eventually make its way to wonderland..and then im set..

how so..

look there will be a whole bunch of people in wonderland legally responsible for me and i have some demands..


oh yeah..this is great..this must be some form of obama care..jeez i love that guy..first i got a free i stamps..then an unemployment check..and now health care..


so anyway i have a list of health care demands for the folks in wonderland that will be responsible for me..


here we go..first…an electric heated kitty pad for the winter..and a cat house with a back door..

a cat house..i know just the person in wonderland..

no you moron..a cat house for me..ive seen what comes in that about needing health care..hope he has had his shots..anyway..i need a fresh water getting a little skittish about drinking out of the pool..i mean there are people doing god knows what in that pool..

its called swimming..

thats dumb..oh..oh..and id like the water chilled to 54 degrees..maybe an occasional lemon wedge..

oh..and some wemsleydale cheesy bits..a nickle bag of catnip now and then..

this is going back up…

a new computer would be nice..maybe a mac or ipad that would interface with my obama phone..

what does a computer have to do with your health..

mental want me to be happy..dont you..

im leaving..

hey..all you people in are going to be responsible..

i know who you are..

i think im going to like this a great country or what..