just a touch of grey

by lillythehtcat

deep throat bounces down..says..

im working on your campaign posters and stickers for your run for the ..whoa..what happened to your head..

its hair dye..if you insist on me running for the board i need to look like the other candidates..you know younger..

thats hideous..snniiiiffff..thats not hair dye thats shoe polish..cordovan shoe polish..you smell like turpentine..

well i had to use what was available..

youve been dumpster diving again havent you..


i thought so..

its not like i can run up to harry tweeters and do some shopping..

why in gods name did you think you had to dye your..uh..fur..

well obviously your no james carville when it comes to the political scene..

here we go.

i mean look at what is going on in wonderland..plotting and planning..lining up proxies..secret meetings..dinner dates and god knows what else..

get on with it..

all to run for wonderlands board of directors..look at them..


well cordovan seems to be the color of choice to cover up that grey..give that youthful..vote for me..appearance..and you know how much white fur i had..it made me look old..out of touch..

in case you havent noticed jinx..your a cat..

well youre the one with the brilliant idea to run me for the board..remember..get rid of the rats..vote for lilly the cat.

i didnt tell you to cover yourself in shoe polish..

your jealous because you dont have cordovan hair..im going to the pool i think there are left over cheesy bits up there..

Oh well, a touch of grey

Kind of suits you anyway

That was all I had to say

It’s all right