happy 4th

by lillythehtcat

deep throat tripped down said..

hey little buddy..today is the 4th of july..


its the day we declared our independence..here..read for yourself..


whoa..thats pretty powerful..soooo..

ok..lets hear it..

why cant the wonderland residents declare independence from the controllers that insist on restricting all our freedoms..

its not that simple..

didnt look very simple for those brave souls in 1776..

you dont understand..

i think i do..

how so..

those brave signers in 1776 basically told the king to go screw himself..

here we go…

sooo..lets follow suit and tell those that insist on trying to control wonderland to..

jeeezz..just enjoy the day..

hey im serious..

you just enjoy being an anarchist..

with a cause..volunteers of wonderland..

happy 4th everyone..