by lillythehtcat

deep throat waltzed down said..

have you seen the fiancee..

oh yeah..i was hanging out at the pool..


ok..i was in the know how shy i am..

right..i think we call it skittish..

heh..i was there..shes a doll..

you know how you always do memorials when a resident..uh..well..uh..passes on..

you mean croaks..

i was trying to be delicate..

you are anything but delicate..

well how about a blog for the beginning of life..relationships..romance..


im serious..

ok..ok.. youre right..

as always..

whose blog is this..anyway..congratulations to an ex wonderland board member..

one of the good guys..

oh yeah..

who is getting married..

so..for a lovely sadie..

think she will subscribe..

what..are you on commission..