the good the bad and the ugly

by lillythehtcat

deep throat pitty patted down..said..

well i can see by your feverish pounding of the ol dell youve already heard..

yep..another secret board meeting from the..

most transparent board ever

i dont get it what are these guys thinking..

cant bamboozle the association if they meet in public..and the secret meeting was about..


oh good lord..two lawyers and a property manager have told them what to do..but..


theyre going to stick to their guns and discriminate ..and we all know why..

good bad ugly

the lawyers have given their opinion..but do you think the board will make those dissenting views public..


doesnt fit with their even though the association paid for the lawyers advice..the association doesnt get to see it..

most transparent board ever

and the board is going to go against the advice of the associations lawyer..

and the law of the state of tennessee..


we all knew it would come to this..

another law suit that will cost the association a ton of money..

yep..sure as the tail on my butt..

and then we will have to increase the association dues..

get your check book out big boy..

can i thank the most transparent board ever now..

might as well..glad im just the good ol condo cat..

this is going to get ugly isnt it..

you mean uglier..