i bitch alone..with nobody else

by lillythehtcat

deep throat floated down said..

whats up..

here look at the letter i received from wonderland..

20130511 pool letterwhoa..the grinch is unhappy..

and learned how to change fonts..

where was this..

in the elevator..how come you didnt see it..oh trusted informant..


what am i paying you for..

im not being paid..remember..

yeah..uh..anyway..its always interesting how the grinch can not complain about something without exaggerating..

you mean lying..

im trying to be polite..the blog has standards..


hows that leg bite healing..anyway..anybody that can drive from here into town should know there are plenty of pools already open..see the people enjoying themselves..and the water temperature..72..oh oh and the weather..

is the grinch still subscribing to the buffalo news..

must be..

so to answer the grinchs question..who are the 10 per cent..


the 10 per cent are..the residents that pay for the amenities of wonderland..

the 10 per cent are..the association board and president that approved the opening date of the pool..

you mean the board the grinch hand-picked and helped get elected..

yep..that board..

ouch..maybe we should help get the knife out of the ol grinchs back..

the 10 per cent are..the residents who use the pool for exercise and physical therapy..

the 10 per cent are..the residents trying to sell condos who think amenities that are actually accessable..such as a pool with people enjoying themselves..just might make a difference..

the 10 per cent are..the residents that gather at the pool and socialize with each other..have a little fun at the end of the day..feed me cheesy bits..

the 10 per cent are..those that enjoy the hot tub when its not 95 degrees outside..

the 10 per cent are..not sitting alone in the dark with friends lady clairol and mogan david bitching about the neighbors who have chosen to have a life.

to paraphrase george thorogood..

when i bitch alone..i prefer to be by myself..

oh heck..lets play the song…see all you 10 per centers at the pool..



see if lawyer number 4 will take your libel case..