wonderlands welcome committee

by lillythehtcat

dt waddled in..said..

we have new residents..

so are they going to be welcomed..the rules explained to them..a parking place assigned..a fruit basket..

well..we have a welcoming committee..

so whats the problem..

they havent met in two years..

you have got to be kidding..so what happens if the welcoming committee is dead on arrival..

well there is always..mister schmoozel..


mister schmoozel..can i get you a puppy..how about a hug..oh yeah..you just need a good hug..come on one little hug..just one..

sitting on a park bench

oh…poor dears..

Sun streaking cold
an old man wandering lonely.
Taking time
the only way he knows.

somebody take em a fruit basket..tell em about wonderland..

Feeling like a dead duck
spitting out pieces of his broken luck.

oh crikey..mister schmoozel is the welcoming committee..

just wait till the parking police show up..


oh well..welcome to wonderland..


you poor old sod, you see, it’s only me