pool opening

by lillythehtcat

deep throat came down..said..

what are you so excited about..

one of my favorite people in the world is getting the pool ready to open for the season..

you dont swim..youre a cat..

im not talking about swimming..people gather at the pool..bring snackies..i cutely walk by the fence and get cheesy bits..

well..bad news..mister defacto is going to delay the opening of the pool..

now what..

seems scrooge says it costs too much..not enough people use it..still snowing up north..

will someone please tell scrooge he doesnt live up north anymore..and cost..the man does math like an aluminum siding salesman..pathelogical..


tell us what you really think..

stand back..you know it absolutely amazes me that the people who are making decisions about the pool dont even own a bathing suit..


let alone come down and attempt to be social..god forbid they should toss me a cheesy bit..

what are you talking about..what about the salt lick for the deer..or…

that was to impress the ladies you moron..give me a break…we are talking about people who hate to see others having a good time..they want everyone to share in their own self-imposed misery..or miserly..huh..similar spelling..i mean we will all be sitting around rubbing nickels into dimes..

well you wont be sitting around the pool rubbing nickels..

shut up..hows that leg wound healing..

get away from me you little terrorist..

maybe we should take up a collection..like we had to do for the christmas lights..you know whats unbelievable..

go on..

wonderland can afford to pay a lawyer to investigate me..render useless opinions about rules and parking..pay three different pillow fluffers..but cant afford to open the pool..dt….


this is a misappropriation of funds..what we paid pillow fluffers alone would take care of the pool for a couple of months..

its just punishment for your little blog..no cheesy bits for you..

oh great a cheesy bit nazi..