new resident parking

by lillythehtcat

so trusted informant..with a wave of new residents about to move into wonderland..where are they going to park..

youre being a smart ass..

dont make me bite the way its warming up..are you going to wear shorts this year..

if i can keep your little razor fangs out of my clue about the parking..


soooo..didnt the condo attorney render his opinion about parking back in december..

oh yeah..and that was the second opinion..that confirmed the uhh..not a clue..

lets get this straight..wonderland has paid 2 attorneys for opinions about how to assign parking spaces..not like we are sending something to mars or uranus..and we still havent done anything about this mess..i mean..this has been going on for almost a year now..whats the big deal..


you know the defacto president dosent want to give up the space for the babe-mobile..

so the rights of everyone in wonderland hinges on some codger who wants to keep his parking space..

pretty much..

so what about all these people who are about to move in..

they are on their own..i guess..

you know whats going to happen..cranky old biddies bitching at them because they parked in the wrong spot..rude notes on their cars..notes written in soap on their windows..oh yeah..welcome to wonderland..courtesy of your new neighbors..

not exactly a fruit basket..

there was supposed to be a meeting with the attorney to resolve this mess.. results…


you know..we have a bunch of people who couldnt grab their own butt with both hands..

you dont have hands let alone…

that does are not wearing shorts this summer..