by lillythehtcat

well my little kropotkin youre stirring things up now..

look dt..we..and i mean we..are merely reporting how an angry old bunch of busy bodies are destroying a nice place to live..dont kill the messenger..

you know dt..i bet the realtor..that lost a potential of 3 decent commissions sunday..has told about half of nashville what happened by are going to live here a long time..youd be better off owning a condo in downtown detroit after what happened to that realtor.

shut up..

yep..wonderland is toast..your condo probably has the value of a mobile home in joplin..

im going back to my condo..

oh..wait..i have picked up on some interesting news..wonderland is in for some changes..oh

ok..ill bite..what…

turn and face the strange

look david bowie..whats going to change..

we are getting new…

tell me more..


and these children that you spit on
as they try to change their worlds
are immune to your consultations
theyre quite aware of what they’re going through

turn and face the strange