the age of civility in wonderland

by lillythehtcat

hey little are going to love this..

now what..

well remember how the controllers were trying to blame your blog for the unsold condos in wonderland..

sure..we wrote a blog about it on march is an excerpt..

you are now responsible for the unsold condos..


yep..supposedly..all the realtors know where wonderland is and think its a bad place to live..because of your little blog..

let me get this straight..we have been very careful to not disclose the condo..its residents..and/or individuals to the general public..and one of the very people who has worked from day one to silence us..claiming we were divisive..has blabbed about us to the realtor..and then turns around and blames us because we have some unsold condos..

so now what..

well over the weekend we had a buyer that was interested in buying several units for himself and his family..

like more than one..

up to three..

youre kidding..3 what happened..

the buyer..showed up and parked..the real-estate agent was en route..and as the potential buyer of 3 units was exiting his car he was assaulted by one of wonderlands senior residents..walking her dog..rudely screaming at him that he had improperly parked his car..couldnt park where he was parking..

old lady

and our guest and potential buyer of 3 units did what..

got back in his car..called the realtor..and canceled the appointment..


holy crap..and we know who did this..

oh you remember the blog of january 8 about the relator who said..

the buyer wouldnt buy because the building smelled like old people..

i believe what the buyer smelled was hatefulness..old and bitter hatefulness..

well congratulations do your property values look now..and the realty community does know all about wonderland..didnt even require a blog..and to those who have units for sale..your beloved neighbor just cost you a that by the lawyers.