wonderlands ghosts

by lillythehtcat

so my little tudball do you think you can take timeout from denuding wonderland of small wildlife…

you mean rodents..think of it as a public service..

im not sure everyone in wonderland considers baby bunnies, song birds and humming birds as rodents..people think they are cute and…

do they let them into their precious condos..

well no..

then they are rodents and vermin and i am providing a valuable service..its a wonder im not better taken care of around here..guess thats one reason we call it wonderland..so what is so important that you are interrupting my spring feast ritual..

uh..the ghost or ghosts…what are you stirring up now..


im not stirring up anything..i thought everyone in wonderland knew there were ghosts in the building..i mean it only makes sense..there have been a number of residents who..over the years..have..how shall i say this..entered the ether..you know..croaked in their units..and well..there are a few ghosts hanging around..nothing to get worked up about..they just seem to roam the building on occasion..

nothing to get worked up about..are you kidding..you are kidding arent you..i mean how do you know all this..

first of all people have seen them and occasionally i overhear people talk about them..and being a cat..with powers beyond your feeble imagination..i see them.

crap..tell me more..who are they..

im not naming names..you know how that gets us in trouble..but one is male and one is an older female..im not sure about the others..they are mostly seen at night..

of course..when else..

hey..ive gotta go chase some chippies before the storm rolls in..we can talk about this later..


youll be fine..