le mystère continues

by lillythehtcat

so where have you been fuzzy wuzzy..i’ve been looking all over wonderland for you..here you mention a ghost in the blog..and then you disappear..im a nervous wreck..whats this about pierres ghost..

its spring ive been feasting on spring chippies and soon the baby bunnies will be ripe for the picking..

you look like you feasted on a bowling ball..have you been on a scale lately..

cats dont weigh..thats something only you neurotic people do..oh marge i gained 5 pounds looks like im going to have to lay off the pound cake..nope when we are hungry we eat..no guilt..no worries..

so whats this about the ghost..this is another one of your cruel assaults on wonderland isnt it..

i thought you knew about the ghosts..

ghosts..with an s..like more than one..

yeah..hey..i see after 6 1/2 months the entry carpet was installed and i have marked it as mine..oh yeah..

you are disgusting..

and while i was lolling about on the new carpet i noticed that the red pillows disappeared..so where did they go..

not sure all of a sudden they were gone..

le mystère oreiller rouge continues..


so what about the ghosts..

chippie..gotta go..