le mystère oreiller rouge

by lillythehtcat


deep throat came down and said..

are you blogging about the appearance of the red pillows in the lobby..

yepper..the lobby troll has struck again and im about to lay down the law..

well you are about to commit a big faux pas..

fox what..dont be throwin me in with a bunch of scavenger rodent foxes..i am a cat..a…

oh stop..you are about to get this pillow thing all wrong..

what..no fox..

listen genius..a friend of a friend..

who has a cousin married to a guy who knows a …

ok..ok..i heard..confidentially from a..

get on with it..youre on the clock..

the lobby troll didnt put the red pillows in the lobby..

wolfie poop..who is tampering with the lobby..i mean easter weekend the lobby looked like a nasa wind tunnel..doors open from one side of the building to the other to apparently air out sins..yet to be told..right through the lobby..and remember the lamps..

look sherlock..we dont know what cheeky condoite deposited the oreiller rouge..but according to inside sources..it wasnt your lobby troll..

whoa..a mystery..call in the sleuths..wonderlands own mystère oreiller rouge..

you are having too much fun over this..

oh yeah..this is great..a lot better than pierres ghost..



say good night dt..