the fall

by lillythehtcat

after deep throats nasty fall..see hare krishna..march 26..dt said he wasnt going to sue the association..


i mean it was a clear case of negligence..the carpet has been torn for over six months..what is so difficult about replacing a bit of carpet..

leave it not suing..

but look at those bruises..did you take pictures..ill get a camera..we need pictures..drop your pants..lets have a look..

i am not dropping my pants and there will be no pictures..lets have some dignity.. wonderland..really..other people have pictures of their injuries..

well not me..

i guess it could have been worse..

i feel like ive been hit by a bread could it have been worse.. didnt land in the dog poop..

youre right that carpet is nasty..

i still think we should were mortally injured..or worse..there was pain and emotional suffering..and…

im not not joining that club…

all you have to do is show them the private stuff..go ahead drop your…

your confusing law suits and im not dropping anything..

have it your way..we are missing a great opportunity here..

im kind of sore can we let this go.. put your feet up on a nice red pillow..relax..

where did these come from…