hare krishna

by lillythehtcat

i have to admit that..being a cat..i celebrate anniversaries  a little more frequently..i mean the average life of a cat is about a seventh of a people life.  so a month to me is a long time and when deep throat came down monday..im surprised he braved the cold..the wuss..and said..

you know its been 6 months since we elected a new board of directors in wonderland..

6 months wow..an anniversary..there should be a celebration..a party..cake..ring church bells..


i mean the tyranny of the past boards is long over with..nothing but peace..transparency..love thy neighbor..with everyone having a voice about everything..

no more old boys club sneaking around..changing things without asking approval or getting permission..

no more shuffling off important stuff on the management company when we could do it all ourselves..provided we have a big enough check book..

no more ignoring the brightest in wonderland..

no more lawsuits..

no more worries about having to change parking assignments..or treat those pesky renters like they actually lived here…

yep..spring is around the corner..any day now itll be sunny and warm and ill be chasing spring chippies and bunnies..those rascals that kept this place in turmoil are a distant hazy memory..

im surprrised that past board has the gall to still live here in the age of transparency…

6 months..kumbayah..stick some flowers in my fur..hare krishna..

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna

Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

Hare Rama Hare Rama

Rama Rama Hare Hare

wait..dt just caught his heel in the carpet tear..oh crap..not good…

dt…dt…can you hear me..

call 911..

911 hell..im callin the lawyers..we are gonna sue the bums that are responsible for this..


to be continued