by lillythehtcat

whats that smell..

its perfume..

on a cat..whered you get it..

dumpster..i found an old bottle and kind of liked it..

what is it..



yeah..i figure whoever bought it had an obsession..

maybe they just liked the scent..which i hope smelled better on them than on you..how much did you put on..

all of it..why..

well that explains a lot..

you know i bet whoever bought it was obsessed..i mean think of the people in wonderland obsessed with our blog..that narrows it down to..

whoa..no names..remember the attorneys..

remember someone was obsessed enough to hire an attorney to investigate us..

and passed the bill on to the association to pay..

do men wear perfume..

its called cologne when men wear it..but there is an obsession for men..

which one did you find..

i dont know..sniff and decide..

its kinda hard to tell on you..

thats not funny..hey ive got a great idea..

you mean scheme..

we can market our own smellum for wonderland..

we can call it....


when that sneer



just isnt enough