the wave

by lillythehtcat

deep throat comes down..shaking his head..says..

youre not gonna believe this..

now what..

well..since the controllers havent been successful tracking you down..they are looking for your accounting department.


well in your anniversary blog you mentioned sitting in the lap of the cutie from the controllers are looking for accounting.. will be interesting to see what they consider a cutie..

actually it will be..well… know the real point is..this is how the feds nailed al capone..


yeah..they sent him to the big house for tax evasion..not for any of the real crimes he committed..

are you insinuating im a real criminal.. saying that since they cant bust you on ‘criminal activities’  they will go after you on something tax did pay your taxes didnt you..

uh..really..i know how you are in awe of my intellect and prowess..but a frickin feral condo off the taxes moron..and why anyone would take the time to worry one iota about what i have to say is beyond me..the answer is simple..

if it offends you..dont read it

but if they dont read it they wont know what you are saying..what you are commenting on..

and im not dead certain the sun will come up to tomorrow but i live with see that is why we call them controllers..because they feel that..with their superior intellect over all others in wonderland..they must control and you cant control without knowing what the rabble of wonderland is saying..therefore the blog must be read..

but then when they succumb to reading the blog..they are no longer in control..

wonderlands own catch 22..

you know what i love..

whats that..

the way they all throw their noses straight up in the air when they say ‘we dont read the blog‘..

like royalty..

think they can learn that cute little wave queen elizabeth uses..