first anniversary

by lillythehtcat alive..

sweet lord..where am i..

wait a sec let me pull you out from under the vette..oh jeez..what did you do under there..

hold up..i think my tail is stuck in the tequilla bottle..i dont think my head will fit..oh lord..i hope thats cheese dip in my fur..

well little buddy we made it through a whole year..the blog is officially one year old..

holy crap..that was one heck of a sorry our faithful subscribers and readers couldnt attend..but at least the staff made it..

you should fire whoever brought the tequilla..i feel awful..

im gonna fire whoever brought the minute youre sitting in the lap of a cutey from accounting and the next thing you know youre drinking something evil through a funnel..wait..theres a lime stuck in my..

im not removing it youre on your own..

i had big plans for the one year blog..instead im trying not to barf on the keyboard..whoa..sooo..who brought the mad dog 20-20…was that suppose to be a joke because i kind of flung a cravin on between the is the video we posted on day going to the pool..i cant lick this off..oh crap i cant make it up the paralyzed..noooo…

lets get the bottle off your tail.. hit me in the head with it..

well everybody..make a drink..and help us celebrate by watching the video and singing ‘the cat came back’ while i go make sure la bandito doesnt fall in the pool.

come on on that video..we want to hear some singing..