just blame lilly

by lillythehtcat

deep throat comes down chortling..thats never a good sign..says..

well..you little anarchist..guess what you have done now..

oh crikey..lay it on me..

you are now responsible for the unsold condos..


yep..supposedly..all the realtors know where wonderland is and think its a bad place to live..because of your little blog..


but..uh..how does anybody..let alone a bunch of money hungry realtors..know the true location of wonderland..i mean we have been very careful not to disclose our address.  i mean google it..use the search window in the blog..not there..nada..so how does anybody think they know the true location of wonderland..

heres the sweet part..rumor has it one of the controllers complained about your little blog to the owner of a premier real estate company..

let me get this straight..we have been very careful to not disclose the condo..its residents..and/or individuals to the general public..and one of the very people who has worked from day one to silence us..claiming we were divisive..has blabbed about us to the realtor..and then turns around and blames us because we have some unsold condos..i would say that was cleverly machiavellian but in this case its just plain dumb..award winning dumb..so here you go..

TD TD 2the tweedle dee tweedle dum award for ineptness

here is some good advise..engage brain before engaging mouth

and for those that believe this latest smear here are a few things to consider..

1. we have been in the worst recession since the great depression.

2. the housing market has been in the tank for the past 5 years.

3. the banks have tightened their lending practices.

4.we are competing with a boat load of new shiny condos downtown.

and if you really think a realty agent would let a blog get in the way of a fat commission..well then you know nothing about realtors.

maybe the hall monitor scares them..

i think the only thing this blog may be responsible for are psychological disorders.

next thing you know we will be responsible for global warming..get a grip.