enemy of the state

by lillythehtcat

ya know dt..we got so much feed back about an attorney being hired to investigate our blog that people have started asking..hey who was the attorney..was it the associations attorney..


so someone hired their own attorney and passed the bill on to the association..maybe i should pass on my dry cleaning bill..

you don’t have dry cleaning..

you know..as a public service we could post an ad for the attorney or at least mention the name of the firm..

noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo…..have you lost your mind..

no really..obviously the firm needs work..the economy is tough out there..and anybody that would investigate lilly the cat for criminal activities would probably be willing to do a lot of other stuff for people with psychological problems..especially if the association will pay the bill..

oh sweet lord..please oh please don’t do this..

i mean our attorney is way to stodgy..always telling us what we can’t do..this attorney sounds like a lot more fun..investigating stuff and reporting back and..

you know there has also been a lot of talk about putting a bell on you..think we ought to pursue that…

a bell..no way..i mean i couldn’t sneak up on…hey i know someone in wonderland who needs a bell..

don’t say it…jeez..you are on a tear today..

well im sorry..but ive been investigated..i write a simple parody blog and i get investigated..like some kind of enemy of the state..capone

and now you want to put a bell on me..what an ankle bracelet monitor thingy wouldnt fit..i suppose janet napoleonic will be showing up next..probably burn us out like those people in waco..

you wont take lilly the cat alive..

settle down..

so you can lie..cheat..steal..persecute..vandalize..just dont write about it..thats the crime..

im going back upstairs and do not post anything while im gone..


what was that..it was a drone…i saw the shadow..it was a drone…deeeeeep thhhhroat..we are being investigated again..run for cover…