bonny and clyde

by lillythehtcat

so deep throat comes down and says..

you havent posted a blog recently..whats going on.. out here freezing my ass off and you are not bringing me any inside info from wonderland..and you want to know why there hasnt been a blog recently..

well its cold out here..and..

cold..youre sleeping in wonderland..and im out here in the parking garage..

sooo..whats going on..

ok..well..this is only rumor..but..well..uh..umm..

jeez louise..get on with it..

well my sources tell me that the controllers hired an attorney to investigate you for..

criminal activities..

you mean like al capone..i didnt think they knew about the… time for confessions..

look when the gmen come for hold them off with the scatter gun and ill destroy the hard drive..

what are we now..bonny and clyde..i thought bob woodward was your hero..

hey..good one.. and faye dunaway was hot..i could be faye dunaway..



faye dunaway..she played bonny..

do you even know how it ended..

what…i thought it was a love story..

uh huh..until the law shot the crap out of them..

well it beats being eaten alive by a hawk or a coyote..or put on the hit list like ol bob..


oh a hawk or a coyote could carry your fat ass off for a quick snack..gmen not gonna get you..right..

look..youre not understanding the seriousness of this..


an attorney..

who has passed the bar..

and is licensed to practice law..

and is in business to practice law..

has been retained to..

investigate lilly the cat for criminal activities..

a tv type lawyer..

no a legitimate practicing attorney..

youre joking..right..


must not have much to do..

and somebody..a wonderland paid for this..

thats what my sources are telling me..

so who did pay for this..

to be continued…..