wonderlands skating rink

by lillythehtcat

deep throat came down..said..

hey i know a guy who knows a guy…

whoa..are you about to get me whacked..

no..no..you are going to like this..

go on..

anyway..theres a guy in wonderland who knows a guy that..

have mercy..get to the point..

through my sources..i have actual emails from wonderland concerning the slick parking deck..

you mean the skating rink..

i s

good one..

and these are actual emails intercepted from wonderland..

actual..real emails..

so we are going to share these..

anonymously and strategically edited of course..

fire away oh trusted informant..ill go call the attorney..

condoite 1..

Oh Noooooo! here come the emails about the death defying parking lot! Any bets someone will claim they slid clear down the hill with pinwheeling arms all the way to Rt xx?
Stay tuned for more hair-raising tales of the luge.



Slide show in the lobby tomorrow morning @ 9:00.

If you have photos of yourself “sustaining extensive injuries” in the parking lot death trap, please share. A little gore and blood would go a long way to stirring the pot, as well as provide entertainment for the rest of us. Photo-shopped entries are welcome.

 Coffee and doughnuts will be served.


condoite 2..

Photo shopping will open the door for me to show my injuries!


Forget the glass ceiling–Go for that glass floor! A dear acquaintance, whose name shall remain anonymous,  will be offering professional photography service to document your butt busting injuries on that DEMON parking deck. So ladies get those 7 inch platform Jimmy Choos’ on and strike a blow for equality in butt busting! When down, call immediately 615-pix-butt. (men save your dialing finger!)—-unless you are wearing higher than 2 inch heals or Jimmy Choos’

Anyone using the term “gluteus maximus” will have to fill out a qualifying application. Affirmative answers on the “going commando” question may qualify for a discount!


condoite 1..

Forget Jimmy Choo, by the way. So last year and soles not slippery enough.

I’m making my wonderland slalom run across the ‘demon deck’ in Christian Louboutins. (only $6,395. on sale..see below).

shoecondoite 2..

This was not about shoes ladies, it was about the opportunity to work with a documenting photographer, shoes or no shoes—-

so this is the real deal..


crap we are ruined..

how so..

if these morons write their own blog…we are finished..

not to worry..

yeah right..