just what i needed

by lillythehtcat

deep throat bops in laughing says…

looks like your toast little buddy..

yeah..i knew better than posting the week in wonderland..stepped on too many toes didnt i..but those people are so much fun..

off with heads

oh heck..nobody read that..remember their motto..we dont read lilly..

so what are you talking about..

the news..check this out..

Could a Cat Ban in New Zealand Save Birds?

“Imagine a New Zealand teeming with native wildlife, penguins on the beach, kiwis roaming about in your garden. Imagine hearing birdsong in our cities.”

humming bird 1

This is environmentalist Gareth Morgan’s vision for his homeland, and to help make it a reality, he has an appeal for his compatriots: Get rid of your cats…owners should acknowledge that they are harboring “a natural born killer.”

and you know people here will pick up on this..

crap..like i dont have enough people after me..and now a bunch of tree hugging..bird worshiping..sandal wearing..hummingbird loving..self professed environmentalist..hippy dippy..anti-progress..socialist..pinko..save the whatever..pbs watching..coexist..self important..too much time on their hands..climate change leftists want to get rid of me..holy crap..well wash that down with another chicken wing.

heh heh..your are a natural born killer.

yeah..this blog is killing people..they die from hypertension when they read about themselves..now im a bully…and a killer.

i think they were talking about birds..


birds..they are nothing but rodents with wings..disease carrying flying rodents..and lunch..for the love of pete..its nature out here..bring me down a micro-wave and a life supply of fish sticks and maybe ill stop..

no you wont..you cant help yourself..you are a hunter.

you are not taking away my assault weapon..end of story.

you mean blog.

shut up.