the week in wonderland

by lillythehtcat

the following is a recreation of the past weeks events in wonderland.

names have been changed to protect the innocent and guilty.

scene 1

queen and king. dear have had a very big toured wonderland with the king.

prince..yes madam..we made lots of notes.

queen..on your favorite yellow pad.

prince..i suggested we remove every other light bulb in the halls to save money.

queen..still trying to save money i see to assuage your….

prince..i got to give orders.

queen..tell me.

prince..i ordered the maintenance man to break concrete under the parking deck.

chain gang

queen..oh be careful..we dont want him to resign.

prince..he wouldnt dare..oh and we decided that the pool would only be open on the fourth of july.


prince..yes..think of the money we will save..and the rest of the year the pool will only be for..

both..laughing..                             ambiance

prince..anyway i hear you were active this week hunting down rule violators.

scene 2

off with heads. have been parking out front all with your head.

violator..but madam i am a board of the chosen.


violator..yes madam..surely you thought i was someone else.

queen..not mahatma…not a renter…one of our own..

violator..yes madam… member.

queen..not any more..and next time i shall have your head.


queen..and where is the entry carpet..ive been looking at this torn carpet for months..i want to wear heels again..where is the carpet committee.

scene 3

cards are still hunting the cat..

prince..yes madam..i have people working on that.

queen..still using your charm i take it.

prince..smiling..yes madam.

queen..when will they learn.


queen..never mind.

prince..madam..there is rumbling among the commoners that our way of life in wonderland is in jeopardy.

queen..what are you talking about..

prince..the rules committee and the parking….

queen..silence you not speak to me of roooles..i make the roooles around here..these people must have rules and plenty of them..they cannot think for themselves..let alone pay their bills.

white rabbit ime

the mere thought of them without our roooles..well..its preposterous.

prince..but the..

queen..silence..silence..if you want to keep your..


queen..that too.