one lovely blog award

by lillythehtcat

one-lovely-blog-awardwow..another award..unbelievable..i mean here i am a little ol condo cat..albeit cute..with half the condo trying to silence me..and i get an award..hey controllers..i got another award..woooo..hoooo.

im not sure lovely is apropo..but ill humbly accept it.

thanks to my blog buddy patt for this award..go check her out..i cant imagine anyone in wonderland not enjoying her writing..

i sure do..

the rules of this award are:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you (manners, people! manners!).
  2. Add the “One Lovely Blog Award” image to your post.
  3. Share 7 things about yourself.
  4. Pass the award on to seven nominees.
  5. Include this set of rules (important, otherwise confusion and mass hysteria ensues).
  6. Inform your nominees by posting a comment on their blogs.

share 7 things about myself..crap crap crap..hey im a condo cat..whoa this is going to be difficult….ok..

1. i am really grateful for all the nice things the residents of wonderland have and continue to do for me.

2. when i write about the controllers..i would really like to name names..but the blogs..on keeps saying no.

3. i have no remorse for writing this satirical was brought about by a law suit which continues to divide our community.

4. deep throat is………ow..dammit dt that hurts…..crap stop..ok..deep throat isnt……alright..alright.

5. there are only three main controllers who…….criminy sakes dt stop or i wont have any fur left.  jeez..try to be honest.

6. regardless of all the fun i poke..wonderland is a great place to live..after all im still here.

7. cheesy bits give me constipation. suppose to share stuff about myself.

now 7 nominees..  cant help it..i just like this blog..reminds me of people here in wonderland. i have been reading vinay ever since he wrote a restaurant review that made me drool all over myself. kitty sure she must be my evil twin. my pal nic..the budding woody allen..dt says the lady at the mall says..hey.

i am going to nominate several blogs i havent seen recently..but i really enjoyed them and maybe they will start posting again.. this is the first blog i followed.. i hope she is ok.  dt was in love with ella..we miss her.

and last but not least..  i swear they were writing about dt..please start again.

jeez..i love all of you..but crikey..that was to take a nap..