ooooh that smell

by lillythehtcat

deep throat comes down singing..

ooooh that smell
can’t you smell that smell
ooooh that smell
the smell of death surrounds you

ok lynyrd skynyrd whats with the singing..

theres an email circulating around wonderland..wait..hold on a sec..

stop laughing and tell me whats going on..

apparently a realtor showed a condo to a prospective buyer and the buyer said he wouldnt buy because the building smelled like…hold on..ill be ok..

criminy sakes stop laughing..

smelled like old people..


now who is laughing..


wait it gets better..there is a debate whether he was speaking literally or metaphorically..

from the few sniffs i get im voting literally..

you know you could be the condo death cat..

the what..

death cat..theres a cat in a nursing home in rhode island..oscar..and when oscar curls up with someone they die within several hours..

oh great..first im not going in the condo..and second..are you serious..

ive got a list of people you could curl up with..

how about i curl up with you for starters..