civics 101 part 3

by lillythehtcat

in our most recent blogs..civics 101 part 1 & part 2..we described how the entry carpet at wonderland had become worn and torn on the steps leading up to the front door. in part 2 we described how the carpet would normally have been replaced under what wonderlands by-laws set up as a representative democracy namely a board of directors.


in september of 2012 wonderlands association..condo owners..elected a board which apparently has decided to run the association as a all a voice and a vote in even the most minor decisions.  i previously described how we now have more committee seats than we have residents.  so back to our replacement of the entry carpet.

first the board obtained two bids to replace the carpet.  the board met..discussed the bids and decided that perhaps they should get a third bid. so far so good.  when the third bid came in they were not sure they were comparing proverbial apples with samples were obtained..and…………

whoa…too many options..

form a committee..

well the committee wasnt sure they wanted to make a decision..i mean think of the overwhelming responsibility of recommending replacement carpet….


sooooo…a designer type consultant was hired…deep throat swears this is all true..and i can testify i did see the designer lady eye balling the steps while i was catching some sun.

the designer threw out several more options which put the committee into a spin that resembled a bad case of sea-sickness..

and then the coup de gras..

kiss of death

the designer said..have you thought about travertine tile instead of carpet.

from my vantage point it looked like several went into a full swoon just short of fainting.

when all were able to stand upright..on their own..the committee said..well that gives us all something to think about..and decided that since this was becoming so complicated..with so many options..a second opinion was needed.

apparently the board has approved the hiring of a second designer consultant to assist with the enormity of the task.  the selection process of a second designer could rival the selection process of carpet and then we would..wait im getting dizzy.

it is now january and we are no replacing an entry bit of carpet..than we were in september..meanwhile the tripping hazard remains..along with the injury and the sure to be lawsuit..

meanwhile..we have spent money on a consultant and are about to spend more money on a second..we are quickly approaching the point of spending more money on consultants than the carpet is worth.  throwing money at consultants is a dereliction of the duties of the representative board. al..are elected to represent and do the business of those that elected them..not drive us over cliffs or in wonderlands case push grandma down the stairs.. hoochie mama shoes..spurs..or not.  i wish there was an end to this example but i fear not.

as voltaire once said..there is a certain inevitable futility in indecision.

we will give periodic updates as news becomes available..i just pray i live that long.

lilly and deep throat

coming soon the parking chronicles