civics 101 part 2

by lillythehtcat

in our most recent blog..civics 101 part 1..we described how the entry carpet at wonderland had become worn and torn on the steps leading up to the front door.  this is particularly troublesome as we have a good number of female residents..who on occasion..wear those high heel hoochie mama shoes.  and every so often we have the occasional illegal to the front sneak in a lady of the evening wearing stiletto cowboy boots complete with spurs..a trip here would surely run up the bill. deep throat just yelled..


ride em cowboy..

i mean even i..a cat..can understand the danger of catching a pencil shaped heal in a carpet tear..even more so when its on a step.

sooo i think we can all agree on the need to replace this carpet in a very timely manner.

democratic republics

the by-laws of wonderland call for the annual election of a board of directors that are charged with conducting the business of the association.  the association is composed of all the home owners in wonderland.  so the board is elected to represent the on their behalf..just like united states representatives represent the citizens…

in prior years the directors did just that..took care of the business of the association as they were elected to do.

in the past the solution to the entry carpet would be the the board..of several bids for the installation of new carpet.  upon acceptance of a suitable bid the board would vote and authorize the replacement of the carpet.


but there was a problem..a certain vocal few..with not a lot to do..didnt like the process..they wanted a voice.  if the board bought carpet it was the wrong color or pattern or material or not installed by their favorite contractor..never right.


  to solve this problem they wanted to form committees to assist the duly elected board in the process that the by-laws of the association..assigned to the board.

by last count we had formed 9 committees to deal with the various and sundry things that may or may not arise at wonderland.  i think we had more openings on committees than we had association members.  so in essence we were becoming a true democracy as opposed to the democratic republic we were designed to be.

in civis 101 part 3 we will discuss the process of replacing the carpet by democracy.

stay tuned.

lilly and deep throat