civics 101 part 1

by lillythehtcat

deep throat and i decided to start the new year with a little public service work..been a while since we have done that..anyway we are providing a three part series on how democratic republics and democracies function in society..with wonderland..our an example.

part 1


for those new readers..those that have just stumbled on our blog..or those of you who have been reading a while wondering what the sam hill we were talking about..the following is a brief bio of moi and deep throat.  if you googled deep throat..looking for some perverted porn can stop reading now.  deep throat is named after the woodward and berstein watergate informant..i mean if those guys could earn pulitzer prizes for exposing secret stuff..surely dt and i can. anyway..dt lives in the condominium building we have dubbed as protect the innocent.  dt is a true mole and provides all the juicy stuff from within the confines of the building that i am not privy to. the a cute cuddly..outspoken..feral cat..who..years ago..adopted wonderland as my home. a little over a year ago i found an old dell computer in the condo dumpster and started emailing my musings and sometime rants to the residents of wonderland.


when a certain few..the controllers..didnt like their actions being exposed they began a campaign of intimidating residents not to accept my emails.  not wanting to put good people in an uncomfortable position..i discontinued emails and began this blog where people could read privacy..if they so chose.

the blog infuriated the controllers further..they have attempted to trace my computer and have opened various anonymous email accounts to harass and threaten well as some of my readers and supporters. they have gone so far as consulting with attorneys in an attempt to silence me.  most recently i have been accused of being a bully..again the lawyer and other professionals were consulted.

free speech is the whole thing..the whole ball game.  free speech is life itself.               salman rushdie

if you are concerned with a lack of capitalization..commas and other punctuation..the ol dells shift key and comma key doesnt work..probably why someone chunked it.

the situation

wonderland is a mid-rise self contained condominium building with a main entrance that most residents and their guests come in and out of.  when you enter the building you come into a lobby with an elevator to access the upper floors.  the walk and three steps leading up to the front entry are covered by a rather nice outdoor carpet that i occasionally sun bathe on.  anyway..several months ago..maybe 5 or 6..the carpet developed several torn or damaged places on the steps.

so our next blog..civics 101 part 2..will explain how a democratic republic works in replacing the damaged carpet at wonderland.

stay tuned..

lilly and deep throat

lilly crop 2

the real me