post christmas

by lillythehtcat

hey dt..are you putting on weight..

shut up.. serious you look like..uh..well..uh..if i said a hog going to slaughter..would that be impolite..

really..a know its tough living in wonderland at christmas time..everyone is making food and leaving it at your door and..

and you have to eat it all by yourself..instead of perhaps sharing it with your best little

you know you dont like most of that stuff..youre finicky..

thats why i look so fit..that and being out here in the cold..i burn calories like a leaky steam engine..

maybe you should consider working out..jogging perhaps..

shut up..

i bet youre going to cook up a mess of black-eyed peas with fatback and a big ol ham for new years arent you..

are you finished..

yeah..happy new year………………………hog head..