the end of the world

by lillythehtcat


december 21..the end of the world..

im still here..

or i think i am..

maybe im in heaven..

thats it..

the world ended..just like the mayans predicted..

and now im in heaven..

well..that was painless..

i thought heaven would look a little better than this..

looks like wonderland..huh..

here comes deep throat..oh crap..

it cant be heaven if deep throats here too..

crap crap crap crap..

if the world didnt end im toast..

little lill..i just got a call from the credit card company..seems someone has maxed out my credit dont know anything about this do little blogger buddy..

uh..noooo……….hey dt i think were in heaven..

trust me we are not in heaven if the credit card company is calling.. sure..

so tell me about the credit card..

uh..look if the world ended it would be no big deal..right..

what did you buy..

uh………………………gold……and…. much..

what was your credit limit..


hey..if the world ended..we would be set..we would still be able to live because we had gold when everyone elses money was worthless..i was taking care of you..

where did you here this..

glenn beck..

i dont believe this..

can i get you a ready to eat meal..maybe a bottle of water.. going back to the condo to find a non-assault weapon to shoot you with..

yeah..well im going to load up the ak-47 i bought and shoot the first mayan i can find..

you bought an ak-47..

it was to protect us when the world know i have no hope of shooting a bow and arrow thingy..

im going to make a hat out of you..

settle down daniel boone..ill call glenn and see about sending the deluxe end of the world survival kit send the credit card people this mint condition american gold eagle…sheeesh..

no good deed goes unpunished..