by lillythehtcat

ht xmas 2012

deep throat came by..said..

what are you so happy about..

well..oh trusted informant..while you were asleep with visions of sugar plums dancing in your head..our master light draper put up wonderlands outdoor christmas lights..

i thought nashville was sold out..

i think he knew a guy who knew guy..anyway we have lights and i am singing hallelujah..


its a miracle.. a triumph of good over evil..to think some despicable ol grinch stole our lights..but the good people of wonderland chipped in..raised the money and some how we found some lights at the last minute..a miracle.

i still dont understand why the grinch would steal wonderlands christmas lights.

oh sure you do..same reason the grinch..

stop..its christmas..go click the video again..i want to hear the music..

merry christmas little buddy..you got your lights..

merry christmas dt..