christmas lights..a snag

by lillythehtcat


well little christmas looks like you have got the ball rolling to replace the stolen christmas lights..

how so dt..

sunday a wonderland holiday social..a collection was taken up for new lights..

was the grinch there..

well..your grinch candidate was..


when the collection was taken up your grinch emitted a loud harumph and left..

i knew it..the grinch couldnt be part of a collection for new lights..anyway..the collection..

it looked like it was doing pretty well..

so we are going to light up wonderland for christmas..

well theres a slight problem..

i knew what..

it seems most of the stores in nashville are sold out of christmas lights..

you have got to be kidding..we have the funds and now we cant find the lights..



you know we have lots of readers outside of wonderland..we have been read in 54 countries..maybe someone knows where we can buy lights..

by the way little said you were chipping in 20 bucks..did you..

yep..sent my money this morning..

where did you get 20 dollars.. advance..

you dont own a credit card..

no..but i still have your card number on the ol dell..

my card..sweet mother of god i thought we talked about this..

watch your language..its christmas..

ok everyone..we need help finding lights..we are going to put a string of em right up the ol grinchs……

christmas little