taking back christmas part 2

by lillythehtcat


deep throat waltzed in said..

hows the campaign to replace the christmas lights in wonderland..

im still really peed that some grinch stole or sabotaged our christmas lights..the secularist.  anyway we are gaining a little momentum..people are talking about contributing for new lights but time is running out.  you need to go door to door and get this done.

whoa..lets think about this..if i am your secret informant..ie deep throat..i cant very well be going around taking up the collection..might as well put a bulls eye on me.

well im not allowed in the building..

oh you are allowed in..you just wont get near the place..you are a little nervous nellie..

if people in there will steal christmas lights think what they would do to me..it would look like the end of the movie brave heart.

we are getting off subject..we need someone to take up a collection and big d..the master light draper..needs to let us know how much we need to raise.

come on people..its christmas..its dark out here.



and after christmas we hunt down the grinch..