taking back christmas

by lillythehtcat


dt came by..said..

nice rant little buddy..

dont start with me..im not done yet..the good people of wonderland have to take back christmas..one grinch shouldnt be able to steal christmas..

so whats the plan..

we..well the people of wonderland should take up a collection for new lights..

who is going to put them up..

that may be the hard part…i know..from the comment..that our master light draper is pretty peed off and..quite frankly..so am i..but christmas is no time to be mad..after all its christmas.

so whats your part in this..besides frolicking under the lights..

ok..if someone will start a christmas light collection and sweet talk our master light draper..i..lilly the cat..will chip in 20 bucks..cash money.

whoa..where did you get cash money..

look..i have resources..im good for it..

get the word out someone needs to take the bull by the horns..the dog by the tail..the grinch by the..

alright..got it..

lets take back christmas at wonderland..