christmas lights

by lillythehtcat

christmas lights

yo..dt…is this the weekend that the christmas lights go up in wonderland..

im not sure..why..

i just love this time of already seeing some balcony lights know when the people light up the big magnolia tree and the dogwood..well its almost like being in heaven out least i hope heaven has tree lights..

you might want to be thinking more about the luge of fire versus heaven..

hey now..ive been pretty good..i mean comparatively..

and thats why a certain few continue to plot against you and this blog of yours..

plot from behind someones skirt..anyway..the waiting with baited breath..

baited is an understatement..

i hope your leg has healed because i am about to open a new wound…what about the lights..

i honestly havent heard a sure theyll go up soon..

i hope wouldnt seem like christmas without them..lets get crackin..