the emperors clothes-part 2

by lillythehtcat

deep throat came in just a snerkeling with laughter..

the emperors new clothes..really little buddy..

oh yeah..the board scheduled this meet with the board social for monday night..listen to what was in the invitation..

the board and a number of homeowners and residents are continuing their work on projects…to create a pleasant community at wonderland and maintain and enhance homeowner’s property investment.

i mean..what still sitting out front on a torn carpet that everyone has been complaining about for months and nothing on straightening out the parking..what projects..oh and heres another excerpt..

homeowners and residents are invited to meet with the wonderland board members and provide your ideas and suggestions..we hope many of you will join us..and will also provide your input to the board members. this will not be a time to discuss or solve the ideas presented or make commitments..

first of all was this suppose to be another non-meeting board meeting like the others..

well..they havent held a properly announced board meeting at a time when most people could attend in the two months since being elected..and no proper minutes for the secret meetings they did hold..just probably..

further they want everyone to come meet and petition them for favors without discussion or comments..view the emperors new clothes if you will..

well jinx..when you published the story of the emperors new clothes be continued..they saw that the light in the tunnel was a train coming the other way..

how so..

12 hours after you posted your blog they announced a board meeting for tuesday evening..with an a time people can attend..their first real meeting..

tuesday following mondays meeting..

well..i hope everyone attends the first real board meeting..tuesday..then perhaps we will see the emperors new clothes..

coming next..roberts rules of order..