thanksgiving message from lilly

by lillythehtcat

deep throat said this picture makes me look like edward r. murrow..anyway..last year..i wrote in an email a list of all that i had to be thankful is last years list..

im still alive

i have this parking garage to live in albeit cold

the nice lady on 5 and jerry feed me

you people took care of my children

you had me fixed..i think im thankful

there are plenty of chipmunks

you tossed this ol dell so i can freely communicate

you people are tremendously entertaining

this year i have a few more things to add..

i survived an entire year writing emails and this blog

the controllers havent found ol delmo yet

deep throat has become a good friend and brings me lots of juicy material to report on

there are a few more people feeding me

i havent been sued yet..cant wait for that..we will have to sell admission for that court appearance..i can hear it now..your honor..the cat is bullying me..

i couldnt live in a better place

so what do you people have to be thankful you really know..i hope so..and please don’t forget the least among you out here in the cold parking garage.

a very thankful