be not afraid

by lillythehtcat

deep throat came by said..

well its been a week since you posted your truth blog and its been pretty quiet..

what..are you you have any idea of what that stirred up.. me..

well..over the first 3 or 4 days we had a record number of telling you the site was popping harder than orville redenbacher in a red hot skillet..

where do you get this dont eat popcorn..

i just like to watch it pop without a lid and chase the little kernelly things..

i should have known..

anyway..there were also some pretty interesting comments..

i saw a few in the comment section..

what you didnt see were the comments i received that ended with..please dont publish this..i dont want to be persecuted..

youre kidding..even anonymously..

seriously..people are..well……….afraid…afraid of being sued..afraid of being publicly humiliated or lied about..afraid of receiving those nasty emails..or having stuff written on their cars..

so..the cat is taking the heat for everyone..

well..pretty much..except the kool aid drinkers who refuse to accept the truth..believe what the controllers say..have their little whine parties to bolster them..

like orwells newspeak..

oh yeah..the smartest people in the building have to be right..

you know..while you think it has been quiet there has been a lot going on this week..i see the blogs statistics..see whats being read and the number of hits..let me tell you..the truth really upset some people..i mean really upset..good thing we have the attorney on retainer..

we have an attorney on did this did we retain an attorney..

easy..your credit card..

what..i thought we had a talk about that..

we did..but this was a necessary expense and you know i dont have anything..well much..

how did i get into this..

hey we are a know like woodward and bernstein..

more like abbott and costello..

not funny..

gonna be less funny when i get the credit card bill..

buck up..youre going to be famous..or infamous..theyre the same…right..