the truth

by lillythehtcat

well..wonderland the writing emails to you well over a year ago to protest the abhorrent behavior of a few that had divided the population of this wonderful community.  when a few couldnt stand the content of the emails..they sought to silence them..they tried to trace this computer..they wrote vicious attacks on those that they thought were responsible..and in some cases..those that merely read them.  this blog began some nine months those that continued to want to hear the truth..ok..and a little humor..could continue with anonymity.

friday..this blog now im a bully..which seems to have hit a nerve..or caught some at an inopportune time..


and listen carefully..

after some two years of harassment..


a lawsuit..

we finally have..

the truth

in the comment section of that post..

..The building did consist of professional people with respect for others who could pay their bills. Why did you decide to purchase here?

go to yesterdays now im a bully..if you are on my should be directly below this..go to the bottom of the post..where it will say..


click the cursor on comments and read for it in who it was directed at..the name is there..please..please read it for yourself..

now i always try to post comments anonymously..some times the author wants their name included..and sometimes those that comment seek to hide their identity..but friday that identity was obvious and i know for a fact who made it..i am not going to make a legal case out of this..because there it is for all to see..what and who the law suit was about..

there will be will be my fault..there will be denial..there will be spin..

oh was just about getting the financial reports..

to see..who could pay their bills.

in order to persecute..

Why did you decide to purchase here?

the unequivocable proof..the identity..that we all already know..lies on this computer..the ol dell..and now at…for you to read for yourself..

now do you get is and always has been about the persecution of a few who dared to be different..dared to live here..dared to want to be a part of this community..dared to try..dared to be your friend..dared.. is time..time to put two years of strife..and a law suit..behind us..

dare to do what is right..

dare to commit a revolutionary act..face the truth..tell the truth..dare….