so now im a bully

by lillythehtcat

deep throat bounced in..said..

well little buddy.. the word in wonderland are a bully..

what..youre kidding.. have been accused of being a bully..

no way.. look at me..i dont weigh 5 pounds..soaking a cat..

how much..

lets not quibble can little ol’ me be a bully..

seems the blog upsets people..intimidates the controllers..they dont like being reported on..

they want to operate in a accountability..

so..when you report their actions..

it doesnt fit into their agenda..


so..tell them not to read the blog..

oh..they swear they are not reading..but they have knowledge of everything you say..

so..who did i bully.. have been pretty critical of the new board..and gopo..

oh yeah..gopo..i heard that someone has called gopo..the defacto board president..

yeah..that went over like..geez..i better not say it..the controllers went ballistic.. the risk of my site stats..heres an interesting solution..

dont read the blog

in the mean time i will continue to exercise my freedom of speech..

so..from behind whose skirts was this complaint made..

there you go again..bully..

am not..

what a bunch of wusses..