parking lottery

by lillythehtcat

deep throat says..

now that you have successfully lobbied to have the fireplaces turned on..whats next on your agenda..

well..since the board absolutely refuses to deal with the parking assignments..i thought i would tackle know..anything i can to help out wonderland..

havent you heard the rumor about parking..


the board is going to hold a parking lottery..


yeah..they are going to put the upper deck spots in one hat and the lower deck spots in another..and each unit will get to pick an upper and lower parking spot…

and what happens after that..

the spots the unit picks stay with that unit need to shuffle people around when a unit sells or rents or whatever silliness has been discussed in the past..

but there will be no reward for seniority..or renter discrimination..

nope..what you what you get..

so…the most senior could end up with the worst spot..

luck of the draw..

are they really going to do seems too simple..

well..thats the rumor..

this should be interesting..