fireplace nazi follow up

by lillythehtcat

deep throat came by said..

you really stirred things up with your fireplace nazi blog..

i meant to..but whats going on..

well..a condoite put up a petition to turn the fireplaces toot sweet..

hee hee..and what happened..

controllers ripped them down quicker than quick..

not surprised..

but i dont think this is over yet..

you know..i have a hard time believing the board did this..they are all about transparency..representing the residents..uniting the building..

hows that working out..

ok..ok..but they should be wanting to do what the residents ask..after all..they were elected to represent the entire building..and if the majority wants to turn on the fireplaces..whats the problem..

you know..gopo has a lot of sway with this new board..and he never wants to let anyone enjoy an the pool night swimming..close the pool early..turn on the fireplaces for thanksgiving and christmas..then turn em off..

but why..

to save money..and to control..

but its the associations money..not his..shouldnt the association decide..

oh..but hes smarter than everybody..the common people cant be allowed to make decisions..

well..its obvious someone feels that for the controller that doesnt want the residents voices to be heard..

not soon.. orwell award..

shut up and do as you are told

i dont think this is over..

a fireplace revolt..well this should be fun..